“Our daughters had painterly portraits done, and we were so impressed we decided to have our portraits done as well. Luigi is professional, his studio is clean and beautiful, and his photos brought out all of our personalities. We loved the photos so much, we bought them on huge canvases because we want everyone who ever comes to our house to see them. Thank you for everything Luigi, I can't wait until we have a reason to do another shoot!”

—Melissa Dewitt

“Yesterday I had the time of my life. I got new headshots done. I never really wanted new headshots, because the ones I have I was 28, and about 40 pounds lighter. But yesterday I felt beautiful from beginning to end. The makeup artist was excellent! I’m no model by any means, but Luigi made me feel like one. I was comfortable the whole time. We laughed the whole session. I will definitely be back for more photos. If you need your headshots done go to Luigi and his amazing team!”

—Kamilah Brown-Moran

“Just got my pictures back from Luigi. They turned out great! Luigi was very easy to talk to and makes you comfortable in front of the camera. I highly recommend going to him to boost your image on your social media”

—Ariel Messeca

“There may not be words enough to describe how much I love my photos from Luigi Crespo...and I can't believe I just said I love my own picture! So very thrilled to have pictures that I am proud of. Thank you so much!”

—Shellie Smith

“Luigi is excellent! Not only is he an awesome photographer but he's also fun, personable and helps you relax and feel your best. This was not the first time I've had my headshots done by someone, but it was definitely the most enjoyable shoot I've done and the pictures exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend Luigi for all of your headshot needs! It's a great experience from beginning to end!”

—Vanessa Ralls

“I had the pleasure of working with Luigi earlier this year when I needed environment photos of my art studio for my website. Luigi was professional, engaging, creative, and inspiring. I'd recommend him to anyone who is looking to have headshots or portraits done.”

—Brian Truesdale

“Luigi was accommodating from the start and helped me to feel incredibly comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. Not only did he do a GREAT job explaining to me the process of what we were doing, but he was open to suggestion and I felt it was a real collaboration. The finished product was fantastic and I'm looking forward to putting my new headshots to use!”

—Benjamin Hall

“One word. AMAZING. Luigi wants nothing more than to bring out the best in you. He will keep making changes and adjusting until he has it right. He cares about the quality more than anything else. He will bring out the best you and make you feel like a million bucks. If you need headshots for any reason, I highly recommend Luigi Crespo. He is worth it!!!”

—Jaimie Kiska

“The quality, communication, location, turnover time, expertise and professionalism of Luigi and his team is amazing. I’m very happy with the product I got, the price is fair and really good for this type of industry. 100% recommend.”

—A. Norris

“Luigi is an excellent, skilled photographer. He has a charming, affable personality and the ability to help you relax, laugh, and be natural in front of the camera.
If you're looking for headshots or portraits, you'll enjoy the experience of working with Luigi, and you'll love the results !”

—Pete Morales

“Very professional and experienced! Luigi Crespo was a great coach and guided me to find the best angles to work with the camera. He was very helpful and communicative before and after our scheduled shoot. This Artist has fantastic photography and is pleasure to work with!”

—Tara Murphy

“He was very professional, and made me feel at ease, and I got great pictures!!!”

—Samuel Messeca

“I needed new head shots for my new job as I was tired of being a little bubble of initials on every online platform. Luigi delivered! The session was so fun and I didn't feel the pressure to look corporate. It was like having a conversation with an old friend and the pictures look so natural. I appreciate Luigi's skills and attention to detail. Thank you!”

—Liesel Tavenner

“I had a great headshot session with Luigi! He is very concerned about making sure your true personality/self shows in the photos, he's not just taking pictures of you while you fake-smile at the camera. I really like how my photos turned out. I would definitely recommend him for anyone trying to get good, affordable headshots in a relaxed, yet professional, setting.”