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About your Session

Our headshot studio is located in the lower level of 3536 Worthington Boulevard in Frederick, MD.  We’ll shoot a handful of different looks during our session, all to capture the many aspects of you! Part of our process is to discuss and review your images as we go to give you as much control as possible over your headshots. You will walk away from our session knowing exactly what images were taken and which images will be edited. Your final, edited images will be available via our secure proofing site for you to download. Final images will be available 72 business hours after your session.


What is a Headshot?

A headshot is a type of portrait featuring just one’s head and shoulders, focusing specifically on the face.


No matter what your field, when you’re introduced to someone, their handshake can reveal a lot about their personality. With social media sites like Facebook, or LinkedIn, your headshot could be that introductory handshake, and it could happen at time.


If you’re a professional, executive, or looking to establish your personal brand, a blurry or amateurish photo just can’t reflect the competency and experience you have to offer. Our professional headshots will utilize your unique, individual style so you’re perceived the way you’d like to be in your field. We’ll make you feel, think, and act more like the winner you are!


Our style:
  • Clean, Simple, and all about your winning image.

  • Wide-angled to optimize your headshot for a digital presence.

  • Minimalistic - you without any distractions.

  • Just shoulders up! That’s what a headshot is all about.*

  • We clip just a bit of hair to align your most important feature, your eyes, with the upper center of the frame.


*with a few exceptions, sometimes we break some rules and do waist-up headshots.


If you’re struggling with deciding what you’d like to wear for your headshot, think about how you’d like to be portrayed: Are these headshots for gaining employment? Think of how you’d dress for an interview. Are these headshots for your modeling or acting portfolio? Think of how you’d dress for an audition.


Our Tips for a Winner’s Headshot Image:

  1. Stick with darker colors and solids: a bright pattern will detract from your face. If you’d like to use a brighter color, bring something that will compliment your eye color. Avoid logos unless it yours.

  2. Pick clothing that fits properly and isn’t wrinkled or snagged anywhere. If you sweat easily, make sure the fabric you wear will hide that as well. (You can also wear a quick-wicking undershirt, as long as you can’t see it through your outfit.)

  3. Bring a variety of shirts or tops in different colors and necklines. We ave a changing room that you can use; however, keep in mind that we have a small studio space, so while a variety is appreciated, please pack light.

  4. Keep your accessories simple. We’re all for textures and layers, but overly elaborate jewelry, headbands, etc.  will draw attention away from your face.

  5. Consider your audience or purpose for these photos. An executive should dress in a suit and have a sport jacket or professional blouse and blazer; a professional artist should look more trendy or artsy, etc.

  6. Arrive camera ready, but bring makeup or hair products for touch-ups (hair brush and lip balm a must). If you’d like to have your hair and makeup done by one of our professional stylists, let us know when you are booking the date.


Hair/Make-up for Women:

Styled hair and make-up is highly recommended for women. While you can arrive with your hair and makeup done, since make-up for photography is different than your everyday look, adding styling services from our professional stylists is an additional $140 and will add 60 minutes to your session. if you’re interested in doing a  Capitol Bombshell session the same day, we can offer a reduced rate for your stylist. Our stylists work by appointment only, so they must be booked in advance.


Hair/Make-up for Men: 

We don't recommend make-up on men, but one of our stylists can provide light grooming for skin and hair for an additional $100. All of our work is retouched afterwards, so any blemishes will be taken care of during post production.


We’re open by appointment only. We ask that you arrive promptly.  Leave additional time at the end of the session for additional shooting and selection of images, because sometimes we need a little extra time with you. 


To book your session, a non-refundable 50% deposit is required.  The remaining balance will be due on the day of your session.  We take cash and all major credit cards. Our makeup and styling professionals are all freelance, and, if you request their services, we will coordinate the date with them and add their cost to the same invoice.



Booking a session means you agree to the non-refundable deposit.  Please respect the time we have reserved for you. You will be able to review our legal fine print right before you book your session. If you are 10 minutes early you are on time; If you are right on time, you are late. If you are late... you may be canceled and your session fee may be forfeited. Sessions can be rescheduled with at least 5 days advance notice.  Please understand postponing a session a week, 72-hours or even 48 hours before your session leaves us a with an empty prime spot that was reserved exclusively for you (this means significant loss of time and business).   Any postponements less than 72 business hours prior to your session date/time will have a $125 rescheduling fee. A second postponement will cancel your session and the deposit will be forfeited in full. 


Retouching is applied to all proofs and no image leaves the studio without processing. Digital photography, when done correctly, requires time in a digital darkroom to make the images look their best. However, we DO NOT change you, you WILL look like YOU. Think of it as “polishing” and not “photoshopping.”


We want to make sure you’re satisfied with your photos, but please understand that art is subjective. All images will be edited to our artistic vision and hopefully, by booking with us, it means that you like our style of work and will trust our judgement throughout the creative process.


All images will be available in high and low resolution with posting and printing rights.



We offer full privacy, anonymity, and password-protected proofing services. We do not post your pictures unless you authorize us to use for publicity purposes… BUT we love to share and brag!  



Directions & Contact: 

Luigi Crespo Photography

3536 Worthington Blvd (lower level)

Frederick, MD 21704

Phone: (202) 904-1325