Impactful headshots, portraits and product photography for individuals, creatives and professionals in the DC-Metro area.

I love to capture character, not just an appearance!

Hello friend!

My passion is taking photographs that showcase the genuine human expression. Whether you are a solopreneur, an actor, a captain of industry, or anything in-between, I will take simple, powerful headshots, portraits, and stills capturing authentic images that project the characteristics ideally suited to your vision and brand.

Throughout my portfolio you will see my style is very clean, passionate, and with an impactful purpose. My purpose is to capture character, not just your looks. Anyone can take a picture; few can make a photograph speak.

In a nano-second, a decision-maker will look at your headshot or portrait and take a chance on you. Whether you are selling yourself, your brand, your product, professional headshots and portraiture are a smart way to enhance your digital presence, and be way ahead of the competition (plus, it may be tax-deductible write-of!). Invest in yourself, and I'll take care of the rest.